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Castle Day Spa & Retreat offers massage services. At Castle Day Spa & Retreat, massage is a luxury you can’t afford to miss!

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This Month's Special: All in one Combination Special (120 mins)

The first 30 min is spent unwining with a cup of herbal tea to sip on while your feet are soaking in a warm footbath infused with relaxing, cleansing, essential oils.  Your feet are then gently exfoliated, leaving them feeling smooth and soft.

Then off to the massage couch were you are then treated to a 30 minute neck, back and shoulder massage.

After ypur massage you will roll over and enjoy a mini facial, using our Australian made Belle Natural Beauty products. A clay mask is also applied and left to work its magic, as your legs and feet are treated to 30 minutes of Reflexology.

The mask is then removed and your face is toned and moisturised, leaving your skin glowing and you feeling relaxed from head-to-toe.

Usually $225 - Special $200.00

 120 minutes of pampering.

Relaxation and / or Therapeutic Massage

We can help you to find the best style to suit you on the day. It may be a relaxing massage or you might need some remedial techniques to target problem areas. We can also apply deeper pressure for the more stubborn aches and pains.

  • 60 min – $115.00
  • 90 min – $148.00
Hot Stone Massage

Surrender to the nurturing strokes of a hot stone massage. As your massage begins your senses are touched by the warmed organic oil applied over the body. Hot stones are placed down the spine and energy centers creating a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience. Indulge yourself with the full body head, face, feet and hands hot stone massage. This treatment is perfect to nurture, soften tight muscles, detoxify, restore energy systems in the body to induce deep inner peace and balance.

  • 60 min – $125.00
  • 90 min – $155.00
Salt Glow

Full body massage & salt glow will restore your skins moisture while softening and enriching. This full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells will leaving the skin smooth and renewed. This increases blood circulation, super hydrates the skin and calms the nervous system creating a feeling of total well being.

  • 60 min – $125.00
  • 90 min – $155.00
Aromatherapy Massage

This blissful full body massage is purely based on relaxation, releasing tension and stress. Start with an aromatic blend to assist in gaining balance. This pure organic oil blend strengthens the spirit and balances. The combination of gentle flowing strokes is ideal for those who prefer a softer style massage to help balance nurture and unwind. This massage is not suitable for those who prefer a deeper massage.

  • 60 min – $125.00
  • 90 min – $160.00

This treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath and scrub. Working on the feet, reflexology treats every part of the body using gentle pressure applied to reflex points. Reflexology improves circulation and assists in the elimination of toxins, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. Your feet are wrapped in warm towels infused with peppermint oil leaving them tingling and the whole body relaxed.

  • 60 min – $125.00

We use only certified organic products. The face is cleansed and gently scrubbed then massaged with luxurious, rejuvenating facial massage oil. The revitalising mask is left to draw out toxins and replenish the skin while you enjoy a hand or foot scrub and massage. Toner and Face lift day cream complete this pampering treatment.

  • 60 min – $139.00
Men’s Maintenance Treatments

Especially designed for men to release tension and relax body and mind.

There are dozens of different types of massage, each one catering to a taste or need. Here are but a few, each of which may appeal to a different type of man. The lightweight fella, the tough guy, and the mellow, New Age, scented candle, neo-hippie type, or perhaps you have been overdoing things and are carrying some short term chronic injury. Pick your poison among the following:

Restorative Hot Stone Massage

Surrender to the nurturing strokes of a hot stone massage. As your massage begins your senses are touched by the warmed organic oil applied over the body. Hot stones are placed down the spine and energy centers of the body creating a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience. This treatment is the perfect way to soften tight muscles, detoxify and restore energy systems throughout, and to induce deep inner peace and balance to the whole body.

  • 1 hour – $125
  • 1.5 hour – $155
Swedish Massage

This Massage uses a stronger technique and yet is still a soothing and relaxing full body treatment. If you lifestyle demands intense physical work, you will walk away from this treatment feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

  • 1 hour – $125

Combine the above massage with a 30 min Especially-for-Men Facial

  • 1.5 hour – $195
Tough Body-Work Weekly Recovery Package

Designed especially for the man who needs to release tension and relax the body & mind. Full body Swedish Massage including a Especially-for-Men Facial with hand and foot Reflexology Treatment.

  • 1.5 hour – $195
Athletes Massage

A full body Massage, with deep fast stimulating techniques that will energize the body and senses & increase muscular tissue recovery for pre & post sport events.

It prepares the athlete for peak performance, drains fatigue, prevents injuries, decreases swelling, and helps heal damaged tissue.
If you’re a serious athlete, this massage is almost a necessary part of your training regimen.

  • 1hour – $125
The Man Power Package

This is a full body Musculoskeletal Recovery Treatment which consists of deep slow Remedial Massage techniques (to treat chronic pain), with application of Trigger Point Therapy (specific muscular pressure point therapy). The treatment also includes a hand and foot Reflexology Treatment to address deep muscular tension and short term chronic injuries.

  • 1.5hour – $225

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